Append your keywords with all locations, from any country.

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How to use the formula

=localkeywords(keyword, country)

This formula is useful for local SEO. You can input any keyword(s) and a country, and get a list of local keywords with your input keyword appending by a city/town.

In the example below, we use “hotels in” with the country “united kingdom”.

This provides us with a list of of over 3,000 local keywords in the United Kingdom.

1. Keyword

Input a keyword that will be locally-relevant. In the example below, we have used ‘hotels in’ which will be applicable to the majority of locations. Another example could be ‘restaurants in’ or ‘electricians in’. (13).gif

2. Country

Input a country to append your keyword(s) by the cities/towns from the country. In the example below we have used ‘United Kingdom’. (14).gif